Otagowane "metal"

Hindsight - Wolves At The Gate

Hollow King - Fit For A King

War In The Time Of Peace - Wolves At The Gate

Secret Weapon - Disciple

God is with us - Disciple

Rain of a Thousand Years - InnerWish

Needles In My Mind - InnerWish

Radical - Disciple

Erase - Disciple

Kto sieje wojny wiatr- Tormentia

My, Ogniowe dzieci- Pozytywka

Dęby umierają stojąc - Irydion

Kings Will Come- Narnia


When The Stars Are Falling- Narnia

Dom Zły- Malchus

HB - Nightmare

HB: Holy Secret

Resurrection Band - Gameroom

Stryper "Honestly"

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